ARISTO prints are possible thanks to Fused Deposition Modelling technology. You can choose from varienty of printing materials. Consultancy is provided and if your design requires a special material that i snot on the list - we make it happen.


Polylactic acid. Bioloically deradable polymer made of corn or potato scorch. This material is very suitable for printing of display models with high level of details. It is propriate for larer models thanks to its minimal thermal distortion. It is not suitable for functional loaded parts.

PLA is a perfect choice for a display presentation models.


Glycol-modified PET. Strong and durable polymer, suitable for a functional parts production. Can be used in products intended to contact with food . It is not suitable for a builds of very detailed models with the finest resolution.

PET-G is a good choice for a loaded functional parts or vases for example.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. So called "LEGO" plastic. Durable material suitable for printing the less detailed solid objects. Surface can be chemically polished.

ABS is reat for the most of the small or middle sized functional parts.


Very durable material, offently used to print functional mechanical parts such a gears. It has got an outstanding friction properties.


Let's keep it simple and fair. If you order ARISTO Design services, 3D printed model is included free of charge. In other cases, price of ARISTO prints is calculated based on the enclosed volume of your model, print quality and printing material. No hour charge for prints. Maximal envelope of the single printed object is 200x210x250mm. Maximal resolution of the print is 0.05mm.

Your model needs to be fixed and prepared for the print. Usually, some degree of surface postprocessing is needed after the print. Fixed price for pre&post processing is 300 Kč/h. The most of the prints fits in one hour.

You can deliver your data in the native formats of all large CAD systems (Catia, SolidWorks, Inventor, CREO, NX, Rhino) or as exported files (.stp, .igs, .sat)

The best thing comes last - discount is provided if your model is a student thesis (25%) or if you allow us to show your model in the gallery (10%).

Print can be shipped via post or collected in Brno or Prague. Price is final including VAT.

Print quality Description Price/cm3 PLA, ABS Price/cm3 PET-G Price/cm3 Nylon

The fastest print offered. Suitable for large objects and for objects where you want to get the first feeling of the shape.

8 Kč
6 Kč
12 Kč
9 Kč
15 Kč
11 Kč

Good trade-off between price and quality. Suitable for larger final prints and objects that require surface post-processing.

12 Kč
9 Kč
17 Kč
13 Kč
22 Kč
17 Kč

Fine layer resolution. Suitable for smaller objects with ephasis on small details.

16 Kč
12 Kč
23 Kč
17 Kč
29 Kč
22 Kč

Almost invisible layer partition. Vertical walls perfectly flat. Suitable for the smallest details, unsuitable for the objects with overhangs.

24 Kč
18 Kč
34 Kč
26 Kč
44 Kč
33 Kč