Information age changed everything in the design and the manufacturing processes. From Computer Aided Design and drafting, through powerfull Finite Element Method calculations to Computer Aided Machining and Additive Manufacturing... And yet, these technologies are often used inefficiently. Aristo was founded to squeeze the maximum out of computer aided design possibilities to create efficient and optimal designs for the future.


The technologies needed for optimal and efficient future products are out there. Their combination and linking into the right design process is the challenge. Traditional design process of mechanical part requires mechanical designer, analyst and manufacturing engineer. They forward their work to each other in several cycles until they reach acceptable solution. Imagine this process done by a single skilled designer within one platform. Moreover, instead of analysing the design imagine the design based on the analysis from the very beginning.


Design is an interconnection of numerous fields. When some is missed or ignored, product can never be optimal. The main philosophy of Aristo project is to bring the advantages of optimized, analysis based, thought-through designs closer to everyone. We also belive, that each product should have the best possible form. Serving the best its purpose however give human senses a pleasure of interaction.

Everybody has different needs. Whether you are an established company or a startup of few enthusiasts you can be sure that you will always get the best service for your budget. Happy customer or no charge.


So far Aristo is a side project of mechanical designer and space technologies enthusiast Richard Hynek. I graduated with masters degree on UWB in Pilsen in Mechanical Analysis and Design. Several university projects, including my master thesis, were based on techniques of parametrical optimization. I have more than 5 years of professional experience with structural analysis and design. From 2014 to 2015 I was honored to work in the European Space Agency at European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands as a Structural Engineer under YGT traineeship scheme. I participated on several famous missions to be launched like EUCLID, James Webb Space Telescope or Proba3. Since 2015 I have been a proud member of a space engineering team at Czech company L.K.Engineering.


MTB helmet peak

New peak for mountainbike helmet

Unique synergy of 3D technologies! Old helmet put to 3D by photometric reconstruction from available photos. It was therefore possible to design a completely new peak just for the complex shape of the old helmet.

The peak was designed to be 3D printed from the very beginning and as such can be produced in various materials and colors.

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Universal sport helmet

Helmet designed for wide range of sports. Using unique combination of materials for impact energy dissipation. CFRP outer shell combined with HD Polystyrene and viscoelastic D3O.

Removeable chin guard and visor. Simulated to withstand certification tests for cycling, inline skating and skateboarding, mountaineering, horse riding, skiing and snowboarding, paragliding and white water sports.

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Structural analysis of a lifting footbridge

Lattice design and structural analysis of a disruptive lifting footbridge over the river Vltava in Prague. Bridge is designed to rotate around the portals to create enough space for the boats to pass under.

It is important that deflection of the bridge is within standartized range and stress in the bridge in any of possible loadcase does not jeopardize the structure.

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Identification of material properties through parametrical optimization

D3O is promising material capable of energy dissipation through viscoelastic behavior. Beign on the market for years, metrial properties of this material were still not properly measured.

Knowing right mechanical properties is crucial for design process. This work focus on identification of viscoelastic parameters which can be further used in simulations of D3O behavior. Techniques of paramerical optimization were adopted to find the best possible match with experiments.

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Lightweight boat trailer concept

Trailer designed for water sports rental company especially for canoe transportation. One of the requirements was ability to transport up to 12 boats whilst the trailer itself being extraordinary light with core structure made of steel.

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MTB chain guide

Enduro chain guide designed for 1x11 systems. Structurally optimized for minimal weight and designed to be all 3D printed from PET plastic.

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3D printed business cards

Design and production of 3D printed business cards. Nobody will throw away such card anymore. And even if so - they are made of bio-degradable plastic.